Saturday, September 1, 2012

A month without blogging! has been over a month since my last post!  I have been crazy busy and enjoying life.

Here is the last month in pictures:

 We took the boys to visit Daddy's work!

We continued to remodel the kitchen...hard to believe this was a month ago!


 'twas a blast in OC for a bachelorette weekend!
I also celebrated passing my another license - yay for no more studying!

Had a boat load of problems with the kitchen remodel...better not to think about it...picture of the countertop mishap - corner of counter is not at the corner of the cabinets...ugh!

My Toby Turned 5!
We had camping parties...

We visited Storyville in Baltimore County...and loved it!

We met a new friend in the back yard - isn't this freaky?  

 ...and Toby started Kindergarten!

It was a fun filled month - I am so proud of my Toby.  Such a big boy!  He is doing GREAT in kindergarten.

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